My Health Story

Knowing there was an answer, I kept asking doctors, “What’s wrong with me? I’m broken.” Their advice was typical, “eat less, lose weight and exercise more,” all with a look that included concern.

Once upon a time, before I hit my 40s, I was a fit, lean athletic person. This is who thought I was but over time I started to lose that part of my identity. Why? Because I found myself wrapped in a very thick blanket of extra padding, fat, and it changed how the world treated me and how I felt about myself. Each morning, unhappy with my lack of energy, worries about my future health and dismayed over getting dressed, I felt helpless and disgusted. I repeatedly wondered, ‘what happened?’

The simple answer is that I let myself get lost. Not just my body but my whole being. It all took place between adulthood and middle age, the care-free life and motherhood, busy business days and an over-scheduled, over-committed existence. Emotional and mental strains spilled over into food and physical ailments, and vice versa.

Yet, I never gave up, and kept looking for my answer. It began with a frame of mind, being ready, finding the right inspiration and or course, support. Radically changing the way I ate and thought led to losing 100 lbs over a year and kicking prescription medications. Still on my journey (aren’t we all?) I decided to help others - coaching, writing, cooking, teaching!

Bio & Education

Currently on my third career, there is a lot of background that goes into making me the best person and coach I can be. Read my full bio.

A quick look, Joanne Beccarelli


  1. -anything creative: cooking, gardening, photography

  2. -connecting with people: volunteerism, mentoring, social gatherings

  3. -solving problems: coaching, business, researching

  4. -tranquility: music, nature, meditation, reading


  1. -love people, connections, making a difference

  2. -glass half full, not half empty, never give up

  3. -typical mother, wife and career woman

  4. -work hard, play as much as possible

  5. -extroverted AND shy


  1. -Certified Holistic Health Coach, IAHC, IAD, Private Practice

  2. -Wellness Coach, Camp Reboot / Joe Cross (FSND)

  3. -Freelance Writer & Blogger

  4. -Certificate Plant-Based Nutrition, eCornell / T. Colin Campbell Foundation

  5. -Certificate Health Coaching, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  6. -Certified Juicing Coach, Reboot with Joe

  7. -Small business owner and consultant, 10+ years, Bezwax, Inc.

  8. -Corporate / Business world, a lot of years!

  9. -New York University, MBA, Executive Program

  10. -Clarkson University, Math nerd

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