Juicing, some basics

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Juicing vs. Blending: the Differences, Which is Better?

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Get Started With Juicing

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3 Reasons to Juice, Baby!

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My Favorite Resources

It’s nice to have a trustworthy friend help you decide what products, books and videos are worthwhile. 
See all of my personal tried and true choices here.

These are my favorite juicers and blender!

Let me guide your juicing

Juicing is an incredible tool that can be used to reset your broken body, to kick start a weight loss goal, to infuse nutrition and ramp up immunity. Don’t let the naysayers fool you into thinking it is not good for you - they are speaking out of lack of understanding, ignorance and often in gross generalizations. With some guidance, juicing is a very powerful tool. Yes, it needs to be done the right way, with the right juices, and that is where my guidance comes in. In very little time I can lead you, inspire you and reprogram your body, taste buds, mind and spirit through juice and whole foods. Contact me to get started.

How I became a juicing junkie!  

At 160 pounds overweight, I was pissed off, sad and almost lost. ALMOST. I was ready and with my consulting business tied to the economic downturn, I found I had time to turn my attention to myself.

One night many years ago, I watched a movie, you may know it -- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with Joe Cross. Just 10 minutes in, inspired and motivated after 15 years of frustration, my husband and I decided to give juicing a try. I already owned a juicer - had it for years - but only used it occasionally and not for the right reasons (psst, mostly for cocktails!).

My ability to watch and learn made figuring out how to do this right doable. We started the next morning and agreed on trying to go 3 days, which became 7, then 15, and 30. I juice fasted for 30 days that 1st time and lost 35 lbs.!!! We learned a lot but not as much as would follow.

Fast forward. I poured through research and read up on all the experts then developed a ‘program’ for myself and picked up health credentials. Juicing is always part of it. During all this I met Joe Cross and now coach on Joe’s team at his annual Camp Reboot in addition to my private health coaching practice.

Juicing is part of my daily life and when I miss a day or even a few occasionally, my body lets me know. Plus I am still on my own journey, always will be, and juicing will be there.

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