5 Ways to Foolproof Your Health Goals

It’s the same story. Your health goals always start in January with a bang, but right about now, you are feeling like they have taken a detour, or at the least, lost momentum. Rather than joining the statistic that 24% of all New Year’s resolutions are never realized, or just marginally better, that 49% have infrequent success, slide over to the 8% who are successful in achieving their goals(1).  Be part of the group that follows through and reaps the rewards.




  1. 1.done, made, or planned so well that nothing can go wrong




  1. 1.a force or influence that inspires someone




  1. 1.progress, advance

  1. 2.a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result

Here are the five big reasons resolutions and goals fall off track and what you can do to infuse new energy into them to keep moving forward.

1.  The Biggest Issue - Inspiration!

Is your goal inspiring enough to you that you are fully motivated to follow through? I don't mean a far-fetched fantasy, but there needs to be some level of enthusiasm. Inspiration refers to the way you feel about your goal - does it bring up emotion and all the greatness for your life with it achieved? If so, great! But if not, here’s what to do:

  1. Sit quietly for a minute and reframe your goal from boring and mundane, to something that really speaks to you.

  2. Create an image of how you will feel, how you will behave, where you will be, who you will be with, etc. when that goal is achieved. Visualize it and live it in your mind. And smile!

  3. Make sure your mental movie is also packed with emotion so you feel it, not just see it.

  4. Now, take a minute to write your story down, then periodically close your eyes and relive it with all the feelings and sensations you envision.

2.  Believe It to Achieve It

Of course your inspiration might start off sounding like a dream come true, but if it is believable to you and you take action, then it can be your future reality. In order to allow your subconscious to help you on this journey, you have to believe that it is doable, that it is truly possible. Try this if you need help believing:

  1. For a few days, gather data and pay attention to how you currently talk about and view your goals. Write down what you are saying. Does it sound like you really believe it’s possible?

  2. Now, if you learned that you don’t really believe in your goals, try this - redefine them to mini goals towards your path to the bigger picture.

  3. Or, change the way you talk to yourself about your goals. It could be as simple as changing your self talk to modify your belief that it is possible. Our minds are so powerful!

  1. 3.You’re on a Journey, It’s a Process

Even when you are inspired and believe in your your goal, every path to self improvement is a process - not just a project that starts and then stops.  Your mind already understands this difference, now you need to as well because your long-term success depends on it.

  1. If you make statements like, “It was hard to be on my diet this weekend because…,” or, “I’m starting on Monday,” then you think of your health goal as a start/stop project and your behavior will change again after you are ‘done.’

  2. When you view your health journey as a temporary project, then the results will almost certainly be temporary as well. Think in terms of forever, both for your actions and then the results you get in return.

  1. 4.It Takes Support, A Community

Having a strong tribe behind you helps on many levels. Most important, the journey towards your health goals is a lot more enjoyable when everyone around you is moving in a similar direction. The power that comes from connecting with others is well documented in success stories. Gaining unity, support and accountability, it is clear to see why you need a tribe.

  1. Who is your tribe, your community? Do they help, support and nudge you along?

  2. If you feel alone, try engaging your existing tribe to join in, or ask yourself if there is another group you can become part of that aligns with your goals. Communities and support can be found everywhere - family, friends, co-workers, gym buddies, online forums and even life or health coaches.

  1. 5.Keep Going, Gain Momentum

Everything in life goes through periods of great momentum, ups and downs, and then either death or rebirth. That honeymoon period where you feel giddy and excited, and your adrenaline is pumping is the classic way all new goals and even relationships start and you want to keep that momentum going. But eventually the honeymoon will transition into the long haul, when things might be stalling. That is when it is time to rely on the routines you have built. Don’t be afraid to shake it up a bit and add some new excitement. Plan, plan, plan and revisit your toolbox of tricks often. Inspiration, belief in yourself and the process and support are key factors to your success so stay the course. You can and you will get there!


(1) Statistic Brain (Source: University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology), 1/1/2014.

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