GLAD for Health,
What Does It All Mean?

For me it feels like just yesterday that I began this journey and really started to feel glad about the prospects ahead, about my relationship with myself, and my contribution to other people in the world.  You see, GLAD is about how I eat, live and nourish myself inside and out, and hopefully you will too soon.

Sure, GLAD stands fo




  1. 1.feeling joy or pleasure; delighted; pleased

  2. 2.accompanied by or causing joy or pleasure

  3. 3.characterized by or showing cheerfulness, joy, or pleasure, as looks or utterances

  4. 4.very willing

r green living abundant dining, and I do it for my health, but it is so much more. 

GREEN: Well this is the obvious one; green stuff is what is curing me and can cure you too.  Green foods have the highest nutritional content per calorie and have many seemingly magical powers. After you start or enhance your relationship with green foods, you will wonder how you ever lived without them. But green is also about how you live, ecologically, in nature, on this planet. Green is nourishing, soothing, natural and revitalizing.

LIVING: Duh!  Aren’t we all trying to live a better life, a more fulfilling life, a life free of disease, anxiety, and disappointments?  Interestingly, when you start eating a little more green, your life, the living part, gets better, much better.  You have more energy for fun and movement. Your moods have more ups than downs. Your sleep gets better. Every single thing in your day is easier. You just start living more and regretting less. Living is active, vital, and joyful.

ABUNDANT: Doesn’t everyone want abundance?  When I created the acronym, GLAD, I was thinking of abundance as in ‘no more food deprivation’!! Why was it that the only solution anyone ever had to my weight problem was to diet?? Ugh!!! Everyone kept saying, “you have to change your lifestyle,” but then the ‘lifestyle’ change that was intended was always eating less. I like food, good food. Beyond food, abundance is also about everything else in your life that starts working out for you and becomes amplified. Abundance is having all you need, being in that frame of mind where its comes to you, and enjoying plenty of delicious food.

DINING: So did I tell you that I like to dine? And I like to eat. And I like to shop for food - sometimes almost as much as other things.  But dining is not just eating; it’s also about socializing. It’s about connecting with your family as you prepare daily meals together, chat and share. It’s about having friends whom you bond with around a table, all contributing to the effort.  Dining is part of every holiday and every religion.  Coming together with your family and friends, through food, is the true meaning of dining.

So for me green living abundant dining encompasses everything I need for health. I hope it will be for you, too. Be GLAD! Let me know what you think:
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Thursday, July 11, 2013                                                                                                                 Written by Joanne Beccarelli