1. Maria

  2. (Psychologist)

  3. Chronic Inflammation

  4. Severe Back Pain

  5. Overweight

  1. Vilma

  2. (Housekeeper)

  3. High Cholesterol

  4. Stomach Ailments

  5. Allergies

  6. Overweight

  1. “I was diagnosed with very high cholesterol and had stomach problems, plus I suffered with allergies and nasal infections. Watching Joanne heal herself, I knew that I wanted to try her approach or at least some of it.  After we talked about my lifestyle she suggested a plan that I thought I could do.” <more>

  1. Michael

  2. (Scientist, Referee)

  3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  4. High Cholesterol

  5. Allergies

  6. Overweight

  1. “Although my health was pretty good, I still had my share of issues. Being tall, extra weight was simply an annoyance but as time went on my cholesterol went up too, my allergies became a daily issue rather than seasonal and work stresses brought on irritable bowel syndrome.  I always blamed work and age,..” <more>

  1. Maria

  2. (Writer, Runner)

  3. Food Cravings

  4. Hypothyroidism

  5. Early Stage Arthritis

  1. “Though being overweight was not a major issue for me before I did my first detox, my diet was a major problem. Sugar, fat, and bread--I could live on these at times. I was one of those kind of people who looked good on the outside--mostly because I’ve been a long-time runner. But on the inside, my body was crying.” <more>

  1. Cathy

  2. (Financial Planner)

  3. Food Cravings

  4. Overweight

  5. Tumor

  1. I have been trying to attack this issue of food cravings and my yo-yo body that went along with my yo-yo dieting for my entire adult life.  Being accustomed to analyzing things, I researched and/or tried most popular diets, used prescribed diet drugs, joined overeaters anonymous and even had a lap-band  <more>

Stories of Success

  1. “I remember thinking, “Who is that?” the first time I saw Joanne during her transformation.  Then when we started to catch up, she talked about the effects of certain foods on the body.  In particular, when I heard ‘inflammation’, I listened.”  <more>

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