Favorite GLAD: Green Monster

I remember thinking, “Who is that?” the first time I saw Joanne during her transformation.  Then when we started to catch up, she talked about the effects of certain foods on the body.  But when I heard ‘inflammation’, I listened.  Since I have fused spinal disks and had high levels of inflammation I was in constant, extreme pain; pain that could keep me in bed. Through my skepticism Joanne assured me that the change was not that hard.  So I did what she suggested, adding in lots of foods, staying away from others, and checked in when I had a question and for motivation.  As days, weeks and months passed my debilitating pain went away and lbs. dropped away too.  However, the best part was my follow-up visit to the doctor for my inflammation and cholesterol tests and the look on his face when he read the results. A year later, I still measure zero inflammation and flabbergast my doctor. <back>

Favorite GLAD: OMG Lasagna

  1. I was diagnosed with very high cholesterol and had stomach problems, plus I suffered with allergies and nasal infections. Watching Joanne heal herself, I knew that I wanted to too.  After we talked about my health and lifestyle she suggested a new way to eat that I thought I could do. In the beginning we talked every week about my improvements, new foods, ideas for meals, recipes, etc.. Within the first month I lost 15 lbs. and by the third month my cholesterol dropped from 240 to 80.  My doctor was amazed and took me off my medication! My allergies lessened and my stomach ailments disappeared.  Now, over a year later I am still eating the same way, which means a lot of good food, and I feel great. <back>

Favorite GLAD: Thanks, no Turkey

  1. Although my health was pretty good, I still had my share of issues. Being tall, extra weight was simply an annoyance but as time went on my cholesterol went up too, my allergies became a daily issue rather than seasonal and work stresses brought on irritable bowel syndrome.  I always blamed work and age, until I started hearing more about how food choices could be creating some of this and could possibly fix some of it.  Working with Joanne, I first did a detox, then we pruned the pantry and I agreed to try whole food plant-based eating. We talked through issues with life and food. My results are astonishing: my allergies are light and seasonal, my irritable bowel syndrome is infrequent, and I lost 30 lbs., returning to my high school weight. I started sleeping better, felt my moods even out and stress was easier to manage. At my annual exam my cholesterol was down 80 points.  Of course my doctor was thrilled and wanted to hear more. In the end, it wasn’t just the information, anyone can get information, it was the guidance that made a difference. <back>

"Every worthwhile accomplishment,

big or little, has its stages

of drudgery and triumph;

a beginning, a struggle and a victory."

~ Ghandi

  1. Maria J.

  2. (Psychologist)

  3. Chronic Inflammation

  4. Severe Back Pain

  5. Overweight

  1. Vilma T.

  2. (Housekeeper)

  3. High Cholesterol

  4. Stomach Ailments

  5. Allergies

  6. Overweight

  1. Michael B.

  2. (Scientist, Referee)

  3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  4. High Cholesterol

  5. Allergies

  6. Overweight

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