Favorite GLAD: Confetti Pearls

  1. Sugar, fat, and bread--I could live on these at times. Though being overweight was not a major issue for me before I did my first detox, my diet was a major problem.  I was one of those kind of people who looked good on the outside--mostly because I’ve been a long-time runner but on the inside, my body was crying. At 42 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, an autoimmune disorder. I also struggled with severe carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic fatigue in addition to occasional reflux. Although I’ve been open to holistic healing for a long time and have tried to improve my nutrition on my own, nothing I did seemed to stick. I came to Joanne when I was at my wits end with a bad case of GERD and early stage arthritis. With Joanne’s guidance, I did a two week juice fast and by day four I noticed a miracle. The arthritis symptoms were gone, and my hands weren’t falling asleep anymore. These were just two of the amazing healing results from working with Joanne. I still juice regularly, detox periodically and check in with Joanne.  My diet has improved vastly and my energy has never been better. The real miracle was working with Joanne. <back>

Favorite GLAD: Spring Rolls

  1. I have been trying to attack this issue of food cravings and my yo-yo body that went along with my yo-yo dieting for my entire adult life.  Being accustomed to analyzing things, I researched and tried most popular diets, used diet drugs, joined overeaters anonymous and even had a lap-band implemented.  Then, without success from those and my second cancer scare, I decided I needed more personal attention; I needed a coach. It was the cancer scare that finally got me to realize that what I ate could make a difference in my health and life.  I knew I needed to change radically and I was broken-hearted about my break-up with food but Joanne assured me that I would never eat more delicious food than what she would teach me to cook.  To start with total commitment, I had Joanne spend 2 full days with me: shopping, pantry cleaning, food & lifestyle discussions, lots of cooking lessons, juicing lessons and EATING.  I am still a work in progress but have already lost my crazy food cravings and the voice that once called me to the refrigerator at night is gone.  My energy is fantastic and sleep is regular.  In time I will update with my weight loss success too. <back>

“The doctor

of the future

will no longer treat

the human frame

with drugs,

but rather will cure

and prevent disease with nutrition.”


~Thomas Edison

  1. Maria C.

  2. (Writer, Runner)

  3. Food Cravings

  4. Hypothyroidism

  5. Early Stage Arthritis

  1. Cathy M.

  2. (Financial Planner)

  3. Food Cravings

  4. Overweight

  5. Tumor

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